Age: 29
Race: Au'ra | Xaela
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic Preference: Demiromantic
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Place of Origin: Azim Steppe
Current Residence: Lavender Beds
Preferred Job: Bard

History: Hailing from The Azim Steppe, Venema is the daughter of Vivatar & Tavera Muerito and a member of the Qalli Clan. Being apart of the Qalli Clan was filled with great expectations since they were known as the Songbirds of the Steppe. Venema was fearful to share her voice with other members of the clan at first. She did not believe that her melodic voice was as good as others. Through song and encouragement from her parents Venema started to grow with her confidence. Vivatar and Tavera were proud of the songbird that their daughter was becoming. They knew that Venema had a gift and knew that staying in The Steppe would not benefit her and encouraged her to take the trip out east to Kugane where Tavera heard was a place that Venema could perform. While leaving her family behind was the most difficult thing Venema had to do, she knew it was the right choice.After shortly arriving in Kugane, Venema learned about Aldernard and the entertainment she could provide be learning from a group of people called Bards. She sailed once again and landed herself into Limsa Lominsa. As she explored Limsa, she expanded her knowledge of cooking from different culinarians before leaving to New Gridania and searching for the Bard master.While along this journey, Venema met a new group of people in a company called SIBER which became her second home. She learned how to fight in combat and became quite skilled with a bow. Venema was soon able to begin the quest to become a skilled Bard, quickly mastering different songs and instruments to play. The flute became her strongest instrument that she learned, being able to entertain with songs in a moments notice. Venema soon settled in The Mist close to the SIBER company house. This was then where she learned about venues and knew that with her musical skills she had to be apart of it.

SIBER Free Company: Beep beep! The SIBER FC has been apart of Venema's life since she first settled in Limsa Lominsa. She could not imagine where she would be if this company did not take her in when she had no where else to go. They all have become like a second family to Venema.

Preferred Position: Submissive
Turn Ons: Ownership, Brat Tamers, Size Difference
Turn Offs: Loud Mouths, Show Offs
Major Kinks: BDSM, Bondage, Breeding, Dom/Sub Relationship, Praising, Denial, CNC, Breath Play, Humiliation, Impact Play, and Sensation Play
Favorite Toys: Collars, Rope, Bindings, Magic Wands and Paddles

Timezone: PST Timezone
Age: 29
Free Days: Weekends & Friday Evenings
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